Zadar Archipelago: Ugljan

Sitting at our favorite cafe in Zadar, we can look out  across the water and see the island of Ugljan. When we want to have an adventure, Ugljan is a nice place for a hike. Of course, the term hike is relative–for those of you who are fit and actually hike “for real” this would be more like an after-dinner stroll. But for us, its a nice hike. Not too strenuous that we pass out at the top, but still, a good workout.  And definitely worth the view.

The Jadrolinija Ferries run throughout the day, and the boat ride itself is a lot of fun. Once on the island, we just sort of find our way through the narrow, winding streets, heading roughly in the direction of “the top.”

A fishing boat on Ugljan

I love boats, and obviously, they are everywhere around here. I love it!

Walking up Ugljan

I like to stop a lot and take in the view. I love the colors: the bright blue sea and sky, the white and terra-cotta houses, the green plants and trees. And the air is so fresh.

Getting closer...

And we made it to the top! This is the view looking back towards Zadar. You can see the city on the coast, and the mountains jutting up in the distance. Looking out onto the other side of the Island, you see another chain of islands before the sea expands across to Italy. It is truly an awesome view, and worth the climb.

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  1. bruce cochrane says:

    WOW no im getting real excited. what a beautiful area. How about showing me the inner city where you live and work. I assume its smoggy and dirty and old and boring or maybe not

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