Take me to the beach!

Pinja Beach

When it’s hot out, there is no better place than the beach. And what I love about this beach-Pinja Beach- is that its got…Pine trees! And for a fair skinned girl like myself, shade is not only welcome on a hot day, but quite necessary to avoid the dreaded sun burn.

Pinja is only about 15 minutes drive from Zadar, and in the heat of summer tourist season, it is packed with people. There are a few bars, cafes, and ice cream stands for refreshments. Also a few sand volley ball courts, if you are into that kind of thing. I personally like laying down  and relaxing at the beach, and if I am feeling brave jumping into the cold water and doing some snorkeling. You might notice however, the beach is not soft and sandy, but rather ROCKY. Yes, this means its a bit un-comfy to lounge and lie and laze about on the beach, unless you happened to bring a mattress along. Which most of the well informed locals did. I did not. Not on my first trip to the beach anyways. But I learned quickly. On the plus side- rocky beach= no sand= clean clear water. Very nice for snorkeling.

And if you snorkel, you will see lots of cool fish and some interesting sea creatures. And after all that swimming, you might decide to hang out on the beach and read a book. Just keep your eyes out for little visitors!

Pinja Beach

Well, then….I just got a drink at the beach bar and lounged on one of their outdoor couches.

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