A sandy beach

View of "the beach" we were headed to in Nin

Most beaches are rocky, which as I mentioned, is perfect if you like clear water for snorkeling and splashing about. If you want to have a sandy beach, however, you’ve really got to want it. Why? Because its not like you can just drive up and park at the sandy beach. No my friend. You must commit.

This sandy beach is actually more like a sand bar surrounded by shallow water. I am actually surprised I got out here with my camera intact, after tripping through a few random sea-plants and sudden drop-offs of the sandy sea floor.  Again- we have the dilemma of no shade, but its manageable because I really slathered on the SPF 50 before hand. Perhaps I should invest in a sun-umbrella. Wait a second- most people go to the beach specifically to lay out in the sun, so this might only be relevant to me.

Arrival at our destination

Anyways, although it’s pretty sandy, there are also some patches of grass, and also thick, black mud. Hillary’s piggies would love it, and so did a few “health conscious” people. Naked except for a nice black mud suit. The mud is healing/detoxifying apparently. I didn’t try it and cannot report back the healing effects, but maybe next time. Or not. 

Here are some people playing about in the shallow water, and when the setting sun hits just right and reflects, it looks like they are walking on water. Sort of like magic.

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