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Olive Orchard

Not far from the old stone house and vineyard it looks like this. A small hike-walk down the hill (I say that because it is not strenuous enough to call a hike, but flip flops wouldn’t do.)  are olive trees- some … Continue reading

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October Harvest

Here is what’s happened in the Vineyard since spring. The grapes got big an juicy and sweet. These little guys are so delicious, I learned the hard way how not to eat them. They crush easily if you pluck a … Continue reading

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A sandy beach

Most beaches are rocky, which as I mentioned, is perfect if you like clear water for snorkeling and splashing about. If you want to have a sandy beach, however, you’ve really got to want it. Why? Because its not like … Continue reading

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Take me to the beach!

When it’s hot out, there is no better place than the beach. And what I love about this beach-Pinja Beach- is that its got…Pine trees! And for a fair skinned girl like myself, shade is not only welcome on a … Continue reading

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Spring Nature Walk

I love spring, it just makes me happy. And its even better when I can get outside to enjoy the sunshine, blossoming flowers and trees, and fresh spring air. One of the best things about being in Croatia is spending … Continue reading

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Zadar Archipelago: Ugljan

Sitting at our favorite cafe in Zadar, we can look out  across the water and see the island of Ugljan. When we want to have an adventure, Ugljan is a nice place for a hike. Of course, the term hike … Continue reading

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Learning the Language: day one

I started taking Croatian lessons at the local community school. On Thursday evenings after work, I meet up with a small group and learn Croatian. The trick is, I joined a little late. So I jumped into chapter 7– ordering … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

Well my friends, spring has officially begun! The sun is shining, the trees are budding, and  the flowers  are popping up all over the place. I am so happy that is finally warmer and sunnier,  I am just ignoring the … Continue reading

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Where is Zadar, exactly?

Zadar is on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. It has a mild Mediterranean climate, lots of sunshine, and an abundance of fresh, delicious seafood.  You can hop on a ferry and visit many of … Continue reading

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Pine Nuts

Where do pine nuts come from? Well, as the name suggests, pine nuts come from pine trees. These large pine trees are a common sight along the Dalmatian coast. On the beach in summer, they provide welcome shade and an … Continue reading

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