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Olive Orchard

Not far from the old stone house and vineyard it looks like this. A small hike-walk down the hill (I say that because it is not strenuous enough to call a hike, but flip flops wouldn’t do.)  are olive trees- some … Continue reading

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October Harvest

Here is what’s happened in the Vineyard since spring. The grapes got big an juicy and sweet. These little guys are so delicious, I learned the hard way how not to eat them. They crush easily if you pluck a … Continue reading

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Pine Nuts

Where do pine nuts come from? Well, as the name suggests, pine nuts come from pine trees. These large pine trees are a common sight along the Dalmatian coast. On the beach in summer, they provide welcome shade and an … Continue reading

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Thank goodness I am no longer a vegetarian!

This is prosciutto number one. The second is still getting ready. Last winter, my boyfriend’s uncle and dad bought the pork legs and began the process of turning them into deliciousness. I am not sure exactly what that process entails, … Continue reading

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