Thank goodness I am no longer a vegetarian!

This is prosciutto number one. The second is still getting ready. Last winter, my boyfriend’s uncle and dad bought the pork legs and began the process of turning them into deliciousness. I am not sure exactly what that process entails, but involves smoking, salting, packing in wheat perhaps(?) and then hanging to dry for several months in the cool dry air of the old stone house. I don’t know the exact details at this point, except this was about 9-10 months in the making, and worth the wait! Needless to say, we are going to buy at least 4 more this winter. Like a girlscout, you can never be too prepared, and you can never have too much prosciutto hanging around!

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My new blog

Its cold, dark, and snowy in Germany, but I am dreaming of Zadar. I fell in love with Zadar after my first visit in September 2006.  Zadar is a beautiful (and ancient) city on the expansive blue-green Dalmatian coast of Croatia. (Across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, in case you aren’t familiar with European geography, as I was not when I made my first flight from Los Angeles to Zagreb). I really had done no research before my trip, because to be quite honest, I didn’t have to- I had my personal “tour guide” so to speak (my Zadar-born boyfriend). It was on the final leg of my journey that I watched the airplane TVs which were showing tourism board footage of Croatia, specifically the Krka Falls national park. OH MY LORD! I had no idea that Croatia was so beautiful! My bf  had shown me a few pictures of the coast, but I didn’t know there were waterfalls! And this was just my impression from the tiny airplane TV. Wait ’till I saw it in person! Since my first visit, I have been back enough times that I stopped counting. Its simply awesome for a few reasons: the sea, the nature, the ancientness, and the food. Oh my. Every time we are there we discover something new to enjoy, and I always wish that I could share it with my family and friends. That’s what this blog is about: ZADAR! The sights, the culture, the people, and the food. I hope my writing and photos do it justice, and that when you visit Zadar you love it as much as I do!

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