Learning the Language: day one

I started taking Croatian lessons at the local community school. On Thursday evenings after work, I meet up with a small group and learn Croatian. The trick is, I joined a little late. So I jumped into chapter 7– ordering food at a restaurant. The textbook is themed  around a German family going to Croatia for vacation, which is fitting, considering my 5 classmates are Germans who like to vacation in Croatia. My motives are more focused on communicating with my future in-laws than ordering a schnitzel in a restaurant. But its  a lot of fun!

On my first day,  my classmates introduced themselves to me and told me a bit about themselves (in Croatian of course). One sweet lady introduced herself and then said “ja sam domacica.” I perked up. I know that word. Domacica!

Of course it figures I would remember that word, although I always seem to forget other important words such as zucchini. Domacica is the name of the cookie that  grandma always has on hand when we visit. So this woman said “I am a chocolate cookie.” Can that be? Well, if its true that “we are what we eat” then indeed, I too could introduce myself with “ja sam domacica.” But alas, its also the word for housewife, which doesn’t really fit my current status.

In any case, I have now memorized the word for “housewife” although I have already forgotten the word for “financial analyst.” Oh well. Perhaps it  would help me learn faster if I eat the cookies while I study. Just a thought.

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  1. bruce cochrane says:

    future in laws? whats that about if you Know what i mean.

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